Easton Rail Park

PHOTOS: Introducing the Easton Rail Park

The rail station in Easton apparently used to be a really neat looking place, but it’s since burned down so unfortunately there’s not an opportunity for adaptive reuse there. But last year my Mom had a cool idea to turn the abandoned railway, which passes over 611, into a rail park like New York City’s High Line, and one day this past summer I decided to go check it out.

The following is a virtual tour of the trail from the “entrance” at Washington and 4th Street (a hair west of the highway ramp next to the Wawa shopping center) to the free bridge in Phillipsburg, NJ.

My brother David is the photographer in the family, not me, so please bear with these crappy iPhone photos. My hope is merely that this blog post will inspire others to take similar trips, and eventually spark some interest from city officials and business leaders. There are several special things about this project that I will point out between the photos.

Here is the entrance to the trail. Currently much of it is overgrown with weeds, but as you can see, there are actually bricks down there. The entrance area is much wider than this picture suggests:

Some well-designed signage and other attractions, like maybe a permanent on-site concession stand or some food trucks parked to the side could make this area pop, and with some enlightened land use policies, eventually catalyze some sprawl repair around that area of Washington.

This path continues on for a little while and then you make a left onto the rail tracks. There probably is more track to the right but I didn’t venture over that way:

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